CallerID when calling outside # from Ring Group

I’m really new to Asterisk and so far I love it. :smile: I’ve got everything set up and working properly except one thing that’s bugging me. I’m not sure if it’s something I can fix in Asterisk or if it’s something on my provider’s side.

I currently have a ring group set up (801) that first tries my internal SIP extension and then tries my cell phone. I am using a VOIP account through (SIP connection) for my trunk.

When the ring group rings my internal extension, my handset gets the caller ID of the external caller. However, if I don’t answer on my handset but allow the call to go to my cell phone, my cell phone gets my trunk # as the callerID number.

Ideally, what I’d like to be able to do is have the following end result:

We have 3 queues (1, 2, 3) – I’d like to modify the caller ID for the queues to somehow denote which queue the call is coming from. This would be for both internal extensions and to cell phone. The queues have the ring groups listed as permanent members of the queue.

And then for the ring groups themselves (i.e. they press 801 at the menu), have it just show the originating caller’s number (which it does now on internal extensions, but not when it calls my cell).

Hopefully this makes sense. :smile:

Your provider is most likely not allowing you to change the CallerID when you go out on the PSTN. There are only a few that do, one of them is, but again only in certain areas in the US and Canada.

as do voxee, teliax and telasip.

ViaTalk uses Asterisk to provide it’s voip service, so what would they need to do within their config for my service to allow me to change the callerid, if they will allow it? Just so I know what to say to them when I talk to them. :smile: