Caller ID on Agent Extension

Hi All,

I am facing issue for the caller id on Agent Extension when call transfer from the Queue or Ring group.

When call comes in it will going to Queue or Ring Group and then transfer to the Agent Extension. I am not getting the actual Caller ID on Agent Extension, currently I am getting the Queue or Ring Group number as caller id on agent extension.

I am using Elastix with Asterisk 1.8.

Is there any way or settings required to get the real caller id on agent extension ?

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Can you post the diaplan you are using?

He’s using Elastix, which is a system packaged with a GUI. The dialplan will be huge and inpenetrable.

Especially as Ring Groups are a concept synthesized by GUIs and not native to Asterisk, this needs to be redirected to a support channel for Elastix or the GUI. If it is FreePBX, the latter will mean going to