Call File Retrying even MaxRetries:0

I need to make reminder calls to a list of numbers at a specific time.
I am making separate call file for each number.
I have instructed my users not to pick the call from my number, instead reject the call.

I have made following Call File:
MaxRetries: 0
WaitTime: 60
Archive: yes
Application: Playback
Data: hello-world

I make a .call file in /tmp and then placing it into /outgoing using mv.
The destination party receives the call, but when he hangs up(rejects instead of answering), system retries the call twice, even MaxRetries is 0

I get following Entry in Log File:
pbx_spool.c: Call failed to go through, reason (3) Remote end Ringing
pbx_spool.c: Queued call to PJSIP/00XXXXXXX@SipTrunk expired without completion after 0 attempts

then .call file is appended with and moved to outgoing_done :
StartRetry: 803 1 (1482312370)
Status: Expired

I need system not to retry if user does not accept the call.
Kindly assist how to do the same.

I’d suggest providing the SIP log (pjsip set logger on) and console output for this. It may not be Asterisk that is doing this.

Please find the Log Below :

I cant paste text because I can only post 2 links and it has many (I have changed urls and ip)

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I figured out the issue, but don’t know the solution.
If 3rd Party Rejects the call and Asterisk does not Hang Up then Sip Provider auto Redials twice.

So, is there a way to end the call if we other party rejects?

If Asterisk is not told that the remote side has rejected the call then it can’t do anything. It would not surprise me if there is no indication to Asterisk that it has happened. In fact if they did reject and it was communicated back then Asterisk would automatically terminate the call.