[HELP] How can I reschedule a call if not answered?

I dont find the command for setup my dial plan to make asterisk retry to make call (after a sleep time) if noboby pick-up a phone. Any suggestions?

I see that is possible do it if I start a call by using a call file, but I need to start a call via telnet.

Via telnet I use the command Originate that can handle this parameters

* Channel: Channel on which to originate the call (The same as you specify in the Dial application command)
* Context: Context to use on connect (must use Exten & Priority with it)
* Exten: Extension to use on connect (must use Context & Priority with it)
* Priority: Priority to use on connect (must use Context & Exten with it)
* Timeout: Timeout for the connection to happend
* CallerID: CallerID to use for the call
* Variable: Variables to set
* Account: Account code for the call
* Application: Application to use on connect (use Data for parameters)
* Data : Data if Application parameter is user
* Async: For the origination to be asynchronous (allows multiple calls to be generated without waiting for a response)
* ActionID: The request identifier. It allows you to identify the response to this request. 

There isnt any parameter to retry the call. So via telnet on the pot 5038 is not possible set to retry an automatc call?