Retrieve digits from call, enter into Mysql Database table

Hi Guys

I am needing some help. I am currently working on a project that requires me to right some values to a Mysql database table…

What I am needing exactly is the following. A user will be prompted to enter a number (eg a Account Number for example), they will enter it via their phone set and I need this value then to written to a table in a Mysql database, as well as the CLI and UniqueID values for the call…

Can this be done with AGI or any other ways? Any help would be grealy appreciated.

I have had a look at the wiki and other sources but cannot find exactly what I am needing…

Thanks in advance


Yes it can be done in AGI or in the diaplan also.
But AGI would be clean and less complicated.

For database support in dialplan refer … +cmd+MYSQL

PHPAGI library can be easy for writing agi scripts in PHP

You can also use other languages of your choice for AGI.