Integrating MySQL in AGI scripts

My company using Vicidial and Asterisk to make calls (with SIP phones). Right now we are having a requirement to dial some numbers from MySQL database. Right now VICIDIAL uses AGI scripts to initiate calls from Asterisk. So is there a way to integrate MySQL into Asterisk? Or is there any other way to do so. Plz reply. Thank you in advance.

Kurian Mathew Thayil.

The best way is to create an AGI script which retrieves the needed informations from the mysql db and then set some channel variables, used later in the * dial plan, here you find an example: .

Hope it helps you.

Marco Bruni

What do your tables look like?
What type of call flow do you want?
What sort of volume are we talking (how many calls)?

I’ve done it here in Australia several times. I can do it for you - private msg me if you’re interested, and we can work something out.