Rest interface,Trouble getting started, Assistance required

Alright, I am attempting to access Asterisk 12’s RESTful interface

I’ve been using a linux command prompt.

I’ve tried "curl -v ‘http://localhost:8088/ari/events?app=hello&api_key=mykey’ "
I get the error “426 upgrade Required”

When I try "python 'ws://localhost:8088/ari/events?app=hello&api_key=mykey’
My command prompt accepts it with out error but does nothing.

I downloaded Swagger UI as well, but that keeps giving me the error "can’t read from server.It may not have the appropriate access-control-origin settings."
For Swagger-UI, I have the proper access setting.
I’m entering “http://localhost:8088/ari/api-docs/resources.json” and the proper api key.

Any Assistance is greatly appreciated.