[Asterisk12Alpha1][RESTful] How to make it work?

Hi all,

I can’t get any HTTP response from my Asterisk. I have istalled Ubuntu, downloaded and installed Asterisk12Alpha1 from soure and followed the guidelines to make the first call (between alice and bob) using two softphones. Success!

Great, now I know that my Asterisk works :smile:

The problem comes when I try to connect to it trough the RESTinterface: I get no answer.

Here are my config files:


[general] ; ; Whether HTTP/HTTPS interface is enabled or not. Default is no. ; This also affects manager/rawman/mxml access (see manager.conf) ; ;enabled=yes ; ; Address to bind to, both for HTTP and HTTPS. You MUST specify ; a bindaddr in order for the HTTP server to run. There is no ; default value. ; bindaddr= ; ; Port to bind to for HTTP sessions (default is 8088) ; bindport=8088


enabled = yes ; When set to no, ARI support is disabled.
pretty = yes ; When set to yes, responses from ARI are
; ; formatted to be human readable.
allowed_origins = * ; Comma separated list of allowed origins, for
; ; Cross-Origin Resource Sharing. May be set to * to
; ; allow all origins.
;auth_realm = ; Realm to use for authentication. Defaults to Asterisk
; ; REST Interface.

;type = user ; Specifies user configuration
;read_only = no ; When set to yes, user is only authorized for
; ; read-only requests.
;password = ; Crypted or plaintext password (see password_format).
; password_format may be set to plain (the default) or crypt. When set to crypt,
; crypt(3) is used to validate the password. A crypted password can be generated
; using mkpasswd -m sha-512.
; When set to plain, the password is in plaintext.
;password_format = plain

I know the server is listening because when I run a ‘netstat -tulpn’, I get this

But if I launch a HTTP GET against myserver:8088/asterisk/info

I get no answer.

Any ideas?



As this involves ARI (about which I know nothing), this bug report (against the documentation) may be relevant: issues.asterisk.org/jira/browse/ASTERISK-22499