[RESOLVED] No Sound in International Calls

I’m connecting to Telepacket (the SIP provider) from Asterisk. When I use it to make local calls to the US, like my cell phone or wife’s work etc, there is no problem at all. However, when I try to place an international call, I don’t hear any sound. I don’t hear a ringing, or them answer. They also do not hear anything. And it doesn’t appear that key tones are sent either (I called another Asterisk PBX that I manage in England).

Considering that local calls, and toll-free US numbers are working, why are International calls not working? I’ve tried calling the UK and the Netherlands and I’m getting the same problem. It DOES call them, and they DO pick up, but neither side can hear anything.


Telepacket offer a softphone which connects directly to them. Interestingly enough it works, the sound quality is poor but there is sound both ways.

So it must be an Asterisk configuration problem, no?

Please try a different provider. You can try www.asterisk2pstn
They give upto 60 minutes free trial! You don’t need to buy any minutes from them until you are satisfied with the quality. They support gsm codec also…

I thought it might come to that. I went with Telepacket because they had a pay as you go plan. 95¢ a month. I don’t want to pay $15+ a month if I don’t use it very much one month. I’ll use the trial and see how it goes. If anyone has any more information on this I’d like to hear it. Thanks guys

I’ve signed up with another provider and my problem has gone away. Word of advice - stay away from Telepacket/Callpacket, they have a lot of problems and their support is AWFUL. Even their telephone support.