International calls have bad quality

Hi all

I am new to Asterisk and using Asterisk 1.4.30

I set up a dial pattern in the FreePBX GUI for international calls (011.) and attempt to make a call to my brother in Sweden from the U.S. The call is established but all I can hear is scratchy nothingness. This happens when I call my aunt in Sweden as well, so it is not just his phone.

Does anybody have any ideas as to how I can go about remedying this situation?
I don’t know which log files would give me any information about this?


  • Chris

I don’t know about what driver are you using, daidh or zaptel? if you use dahdi, make sure you can see the channels on the CLI console with the command “dahdi show channels”. If the channel can not be displayed, then you certainly can not get through the phone.

Also what type of connection is it? SIP? Zap?

# dahdi show channels Chan Extension Context Language MOH Interpret

  • Nothing is being displayed here

How do i know which driver I am using and go about displaying the channel?

I am using a SIP connection.


You ask the person who configured your system.

If you are having issues only on international calls chances are it is your ITSP and not your system. Many cheap providers have crappy routes internationally because they are cheaper. You can try (with whom I do work with). They seem to have good international quality.

I am using

I just used my softphone (X-Lite) and configured it directly to my voipvoip account, instead of my Asterisk box and tried calling internationally and it worked perfectly.

So it seems the Asterisk server is where the problem is happening.

Any ideas as to what could be the issue? or log files I could check in regards to this?


Have a look at what codecs you are using vs. what is set in your X-Lite. Also are they using the same internet ?

So the codecs I have enabled in X-Lite are:

  • BroadVoice32
  • G711 aLaw
  • G711 uLaw

The codecs I have checked in ‘Asterisk SIP Settings’ (in FreePBX GUI)

  • ulaw
  • gsm
  • alaw
    Non-Standard g726: No
    T38 Pass-Through: No

and in my trunk configuration Outgoing (same as incoming):

Not sure what you mean by are they using the same internet? - if you mean are they on the same internal network - then yes, while i tried calling from my laptop with X-Lite Softphone, i was on the same network as the Asterisk Server

Thank you!