Incoming Calls Problem

Hello again everyone!

Another quick question as I couldn’t find a solution…

Incoming calls, they’re working - to a certain extent. But when I pick up the phone all I can hear is, what can only be described as a fast clicking noise. It’s so loud that I can’t hear anything else.

I’ve configured up sip.conf to register to my SIP provider (Gradwell). If anyone is familiar with the packages they offer, I’ve simply purchased a ‘single user’ account for testing. If all goes well I’ll look at purchasing a couple of SIP trunks from them.

I’m thinking this could be a codec problem? Any pointers would be a great help!

Still learning with this Voip and Asterisk lark, so be gently…

Thanks in advance!


What is the cli> showing when this happens?

There can be many reasons for this. Try looking at the codecs. Also are you behind NAT ?

Being that this is not the biz section I will not plug my company here but if you PM me I think a trial with us will work fine.

Thanks for getting back to me guys…

I found the problem was related to my SIP provider not supporting the codecs I allowed to be used locally. Well, I think that was the problem!

Either way, it’s now working like a charm!

Dovid, thanks for the offer of a trial. I presume your servers are US based? My clients would be primarially UK based, and their Asterisk servers will be hosted here in the UK also, mostly by me. I suspect latency wouldn’t help performance and quality of calls in this case, but thanks for the offer.

Thanks for your replies!

You can try They are located n the UK.