[RESOLVED] Dialplan and DTMF


can anyone help with this problem ? :smile:

I have HW SIP GW for PSTN, it work simple, you dial SIP/1102 and inmediately you hear tone from PSTN and you can dial number over DTMF

I need make dialplan in asterisk what work like this :

  • you dial 1102XXXXXXXX (X is number what you want dial over PSTN)
  • dialplan do : call SIP/1102 and after pickup and little time (1-2sec) send dtmf XXXX to PSTN (over SIP)

I play with some dialplans but I cannot get it work, when I do Dial(SIP/1102) and gateway pickup I cannot send dtmf :frowning:

Can anyone help me how to do ?

Thanks a lot


you’ll need to send the desired dtmf digits once it answers:




about senddtmf I know, problem is in dialplan, when GW pickup, dialplan not want continue until I hangup.
When I try this :
exten => 1102,1,Dial(SIP/1102)
exten => 1102,2,SendDTMF(12345)

Priority 2 is not executed after Pickup.
Where is the problem ?


nobody ideas, ok, I answer myself :

Dial(SIP/1111,D(wwXXXX)) where w=delay 0.5sec and XXXX is number sent over DTMF to channel.
I hope it help to someone other.
(I using PSTN/SIP GW - Micronet 5012 SIP)



Can you post a link or more detailed information on how the ‘D’ option for the Dial application works please, I can’t find anything about it for some reason. I am trying to accomplish the same thing as you I think, but would just like more information on your solution.


hm, that can be a problem :smile: I found this ,solution, here somewhere in forum in topic what has not anything todo with my original problem :smile:
but simple, D command sent DTMF signals to called channel after channel is picked up.
Example, (Dial/1111,D(ww1234)) do this :

  • call SIP/1111
  • after called party pickup phone, wait 1sec and send 1234 in DTMF

That all what I know about it :smile: