Dialplan with DTMF

i am new to this site i am having trouble creating a dialplan that can send a DTMF sginal
once the call is connected i need to send account number but i cant send to send the DTMF in the first place it just sit there i was able to dial the number but i am unsure how to send the dtmf

this is the dial plan i have now if anyone can help me thanks

exten => _18008581166,n,AGI(agi://
exten => _18008581166,n,Dial(SIP/C6/00001${EXTEN:1},tTo)
exten => _18008581166,n,Wait(3)
exten => _18008581166,n,SendDTMF(#01,1000)
exten => _18008581166,n,Wait(3)
exten => _18008581166,n,Hangup

I have achieved such task using the dial M option. and sending the DTMF through a macro, you can use use gosub option as macro is depracted but still work.

Also the D option

D( called:calling:progress ) - Send the specified DTMF strings after the called party has answered, but before the call gets bridged. The called DTMF string is sent to the called party, and the calling DTMF string is sent to the calling party. Both arguments can be used alone. If progress is specified, its DTMF is sent to the called party immediately after receiving a PROGRESS message.
See SendDTMF for valid digits.

The key mistake you were making is thinking that Dial just dials. The dial application implements the whole of the outgoing call.

thnaks for the reply

do you have any examples i can look at since i still relatively new to dialplans


thanks i will look into this but i am currently using asterisk 1.8 will this work as well

For 1.8:

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again thanks i will look into this