Create a dialplan that send DTMF after a call is established

Hello forum.

I want to create e dial plan that every dialed number like 2XXX the number 6300 will be dialed and then after waiting 2 seconds, the DTMF 2XXX will be sent.

Any suggestions?

TIA, -vcf

Provided that DTMF sending is complete before the speech path is established, there should be many ways. You can probably use the send DTMF after call setup features of Dial, by using pause characters. You could do it by using the goto on answer feature of Dial, followed by a bridge. You can probably do it using the macro and subroutine features.

If you want to do it after the speech path is established (bridged), I think you will need to use AMI.

The Asterisk Support forum would have been more appropriate.