DTMF reversal

my trouble is i call to dadhi, asterisk answer, and dial specific extension (ivr), if the call is answered, i need return dtmf ‘A’ to a dadhi channel, not extension selected

the comand senddtmf send to a extension seleted the dtmf, the comand d(x) in te dial don’t work for this case

senddtmf sends to the channel on which it is running. That will normally be the caller, unless you have explicitly set up to run dialplan on the callee.

d(x) is not valid Dial option. D(:A) may do what you want.

david, the d(x) is an example, the real sentence is,call incoming from a dahdi channel, call is answered from asterisk and route by a extension from ivr, exten => XXX,1,Dial(sip/301,D(A)), but not work, the dtmf sent to sip, not a dadhi, i need send dtmf a dahdi

You are missing the :. Also d is not D.

sure, i guided from voip-info.org D(digits): After the called party answers, send digits as a DTMF stream, then connect the call to the originating channel (you can also use ‘w’ to produce .5 second pauses). You can also provide digits after a colon - all digits before the colon are sent to the called channel, all digits after the colon are sent to the calling channel (all digits are sent to the called channel if there is no colon present).