[resolved] chan_zap.so not being compiled?

Sorry if this is redundant, but I can’t get chan_zap to be compiled in asterisk. I have zaptel hardware installed (TDM800P). I compiled the zaptel packages (1.4.1). In addition it is configured and running properly on the system. Even still, every time I try to compile asterisk, it doesn’t compile chan_zap. Any thoughts?

This is running on a brand new box running Debian Etch (2.6.18-4-amd64).

Post the compile errors.

When you run make menuselect and cursor over to chan_zap, it should tell you something.

See thats my problem. There are no compile errors, and when I do a make menuselect, it is selected (chan_zap that is). If I re-run ./configure - it see’s all the little bits from zaptel.h (I think thats the file). Its just at compile time it “skips” over the compilation portion of chan_zap

I even asked one of the coders in the office to take a look at the make file, but he was at a loss. Might it be possible to compile this module manually? I’m totally at a loss at this point in time.

(Or is there an issue with Zaptel 1.4.1 & Asterisk 1.4.2 ?)

Edit: Here is the make menuselect screen:

[code] *************************************
Asterisk Module Selection

                           Press 'h' for help.

                          [*] 6.  chan_iax2
                          [*] 7.  chan_local
                          [*] 8.  chan_mgcp
                          XXX 9.  chan_misdn
                          XXX 10. chan_nbs
                          [*] 11. chan_oss
                          [*] 12. chan_phone
                          [*] 13. chan_sip
                          [*] 14. chan_skinny
                          XXX 15. chan_vpb
                          [*] 16. chan_zap

                    Zapata Telephony
                    Depends on: zaptel_vldtmf(E), zaptel(E), tonezone(E)
                    Can use: pri