MeetMe Application Problem in Asterisk RealTime on RHEL5.3

Hi All, I have installed Astrisk in my RHEL5.3 system by compiling asterisk-1.6.1+dahdi-linux-complete2.1.0+asterisk-addons-1.6.0+asterisk-sounds-1.2.1+libri1.4.10 with Postgressql as ODBC for ARA(Asterisk Realtime Architechure) method.
calls between sip users which was configured in extensipons_table are working fine,and CDR’s are getting stored in cdr table, when calling to conference number where MeetMe was used in the DialPlan, call getting Hangup with out any announcement for entering the pin etc.,
Asterisk log showing the below message.
WARNING[21436]: app_meetme.c:864 build_conf: Unable to open pseudo device

I have not installed any hardware for DAHDI.

Thanks in Advnace.

can you execute this command in a console and tell me if the app_meetme is charged?

asterisk -rx ‘module show’|grep meet MeetMe conference bridge

you should obtain a result how I have shown.

see my post in your other identical thread…

sorry… wasn’t your thread, you just hi-jacked it:

check to ensure you have a /etc/asterisk/dahdi.conf present. Even if you have the dahdidummy driver loaded, if you don’t have at least the default config asterisk won’t load the pseudo device.

While using zaptel the message 'Unable to open pseudo device ’ occures when zaptel module ‘ztdummy’ is not installed. MeetMe needs zaptel module ‘ztdummy’. For Dhadi i dont know what is the equivalent of ztdummy.

based on his original post, i believe he has dahdi installed.

I have exicuted the same command in the console output is below

[root@localhost ~]# asterisk -rx ‘module show’|grep meet MeetMe conference bridge 0

Thanks in advance.

Yes, I have installed dahdi, i didnt installed Zaptel.

Thanks for the reply.

you must check the perms of this directory
the user who executes the asteriak must have permissions in thos directory.

Hi All,
After restarting the system MeetMe application Working fine now. :smiley:
DAHDI_DUMMY has been started in the system init process. :bulb:

[root@localhost ~]# /etc/init.d/dahdi status

Span 1: DAHDI_DUMMY/1 “DAHDI_DUMMY/1 (source: RTC) 1” (MASTER)

thanks for every one in supporting me in this issue.