Asterisk security key [urgent]

help me.

its happen with my asterisk server using centos 5.All extension can register in my server but all extension cant call in and call out.I think its something blocking my asterisk service.

My friend tell me that my asterisk security code has expired? is that true?
because i think asterisk is free.

and they editing some file so it can work again,but will expired again tomorrow.How come?if there is any file must edit? where is the path file.

help me…urgent

I have never heard of an “Asterisk Security Code”. I think your friend has worked too long with Nortel products requiring too many keycodes. Your problem lies elsewhere, and in order to get to the bottom of it, you’re probably going to want to post the output in the asterisk CLI when a call comes in.

maybe its just a trick to get another payment :smiley:
and at that situation, all call can register to asterisk but can call in and out,what he blocked or setting?