Reportholdtime problem


I am using asterisk 1.4.42 and having problem with reportholdtime in queues. Problem is that holdtime is reported as less than 2 minutes or 3 minutes. How can I get it to announce in seconds. Following is the configuration of queue.

joinempty = yes
monitor-type = Monitor
monitor-format = wav
monitor-join = yes
context = tac-queue-ivr
strategy = ringall
announce-round-seconds = 5
reportholdtime = yes
timeout = 15
music = default
announce-frequency = 30
announce-holdtime = no
queue-youarenext = queue-youarenext
queue-thereare = queue-thereare
queue-callswaiting = queue-callswaiting
queue-thankyou = queue-thankyou
queue-minutes = queue-minutes
queue-seconds = queue-seconds
queue-reporthold = queue-reporthold

Any help will be appreciated.

modify app_queue.c and re-compile.

What should I modify in app_queue.c?

What your competent C programmer tells you to modify. This is not something that is intended to be modified by a black box end user. (It only requires minimal C knowledge.)