Replace vm-intro.gsm with personalized intro

When people from outside our VOIP network get to a user’s voicemail or if they go through the directory they get the persons custom voicemail greeting. If a user picks up the phone and direct dials their voicemail box to leave a message *57, for instance, they get the default vm-intro.gsm sound file. I need to replace that for each of my users and use their custom greeting instead. Is this possible?

this is possible
Remove or replce that file, then include ur geet file & name it same as Vm-into.gsm
thgis will work for ur greeting


Hi Amit. I thought of that, however I need it to be different for each of my 15 users. I have seen where I can add an s and a u to what looks like a dial plan but I can’t figure out where this file is exactly.