Default voicemail prompt


I need to setup custom voicemail welcome prompt for all sip accounts in one of my contexts,

I know that i can do this by creating a proper audio file inside /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail//

Problem is that i have more than 2000 accounts inside my DB (im using realtime users). I could create a copy of vm_intro in each of those folders, but it would be a total waste of available disk space.

Is there any way to set custom default voicemail prompt for all sip accounts inside context?

I’m just wondering if you can use a symlink to one file to rule them all… Anyway Maybe if you replace the default greeting that is used by asterisk could do the trick.


Thanks for answer.
Is there any way to replace global default greeting? I could’nt find such parameter in config files. Could you send me example how to change global greeting?

Best regards, KB

Hard links will use even less space than symlinks.

Try to play the message before sending the call to the voicemail application. After the message is finished try to use the voicemail application with the s flag.