Remove Prefix before dialling number


I am new to asterisk, and am having some trouble with some calls.

I am sending calls with prefix 10 before the dialling number, however when the customer is receiving the number they are receiving it as 39140439#10. I have no idea where the 39140439# is coming from.

Can anyone help, and let me know how I can change this? I have not set this is the GUI anywhere.

Thank you in advance.


Asterisk doesn’t have a GUI, so if you’re using a GUI, you should probably take your question to whomever is responsible for the GUI, sorry.


Have you tried prefix 11 instead of 10?

I’ve no idea what that will do. But it might be fun to watch. :laughing:

If you can get through the GUI to the command line of Asterisk, then try “core set verbose 3” and then make a test call.