Telephone No. same the extension?

pls help me :cry:

I use Asterisk as IP-PBX. By Outgoing Call I use Call Prefix = 9
I have extension no. 7xxx, 8xxx, 9xxx.
When i want to call to 1148 (Hotline No.), I press 9 1 1 4 8 but i can’t call and hear busy tone.
I’m not sure my problem Involved my extension or not because I have extension no. 9114.

Pls help me for clarify this problem, I know have many people met this problem.

Thank you for reply,
Tired Man

This is not really an Asterisk issue. The reason for having the 9 for external access is to distinguish it from a local extension number that will never begin with 9. That has been the case for more than 40 years, and probably since PABXes were first introduced.

Actually, with VoIP, you can use number length to discriminate, but I suspect you are not directly configuring Asterisk, so that might be difficult with the GUI I suspect you are using. You stil have the problem of making the “dialplan” in the phone not send the number after the fourth digit.

If you use number lengh, there is no longer a need for any initial digit for external calls.

Why dont you use a different number for external calls, example 5, you would dial 51148,