Asterisk and prefix

Hello to all,
I have configurated a server asterisk, using a telephone software from windows. When I want to call a telephone PSTN I must compose the 01139NUMBER, is possible to call without compose the 01139 before? thanks in advance

Yes. You can have asterisk aoutomaticly add digits to the number before it sends it to the PSTN. To tired to look it up. Search the wiki.

someone knows to indicate a link to me?

Ok This couldnt be simpler

in extensions.conf add the following to globals
TRUNKMSD=1; MSD digits to strip (usually 1 or 0)

then the dial string can look like
exten => _9NXXXXX,1,Dial(${TRUNK1}/${PRE_DIAL_local}${EXTEN:${TRUNKMSD}})