Remove config files that are not needed

Hi guys,

Quick questions.
The asterisk directory /etc/asterisk has a lot of config files.

What will happen when I delete files that are currently not needed.
Wil this ends up in countless errors is is this not a problem at all.

Thank you.

Nothing, unless you delete files that are needed. I always use a subset of the available modules, so I add noload entries in modules.conf as well.

Thank you.
The customer I am working with right now would like to delete 80 percent of config files that they don’t use at the moment.

80% sounds like a lot. I’d disable and delete one by one and start asterisk with asterisk -c in order to see easily any error message.

Any module that needs a missing config file will refuse to load, so you will get errors in start up, if you don’t stop them loading, but should have no problems at run time.

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