Remote Telephony Interface?

I’ve got a pair of Asterisk boxes in our colo running our phones, I love it!

I’m looking for something akin to a reverse ATA.

At each of our branches we’ve got a few POTS lines coming in. I’d love to be able to fold these lines into the Asterisk game plan. Is there such a thing as a “remote” telephony interface device? Something that works just like any of the internal interface cards but instead of being internal is at a remote location.

I think I can get where I’m going by firing up a new Asterisk box but it’d be a heck of a lot more elegant if there were some magical device I could just drop at each location.



Just use a gateway, have a look at Pattons or Vegastream fo examples.
Thses just register against your existing server


audiocodes also makes some nice SIP gateway devices. we have a few installed at various locations.