VoIP Logging/Monitoring

Hey guys. Hoping I can find some good advice here. I’m reading up on this Asterisk and it sounds interesting. I’m wanting to do a mod with my VoIP service, but a bit stuck on how to do so.

I have VoIP service with my local cable company so the service works with the phone line coming directly out of the modem into the internal wiring. What I’m wanting to do is somehow monitor/log all incoming/outgoing calls.
Would be nice if I could find a router that would do this.

I have a Linksys RTP300, but it seems it’s 2 phone ports are for vonage service only. I’ve read up a bit on unlocking that device and there was mention about running this Asterisk on it somehow, but I didn’t totally understand it.

Does anyone know of a way I could do this?

You could place an Asterisk-box between your Linksys and you internal wiring, and let Asterisk do the logging in an csv-file or any database with the ODBC-driver. Would be an investment though… if it’s just for logging.

Hmmm… I was just looking at a VoIP ATA Adapter. I’ve seen these things many times, but never really knew what they were for. It appears they convert a conventional phone to in a sense an IP Phone. Using that and I saw a link to asteriskwin32 which looked like it might work for what I’m wanting according to the diagram on the site.

Thanks for the info and the quick reply. I’m gonna do some more read up on this Asterisk it sounds like something I’ll definitely be using.