SIP Gateway recommendations

We are considering deploying * in several branch offices. Our branch offices typically have 4 analog POTS lines to the pstn. I would prefer to use external SIP gateways vs. internal interface cards for a number of reasons.

I am looking for recommendations regarding Audiocodes MP11x, Mediatrix, or Vega gateways. There are a lot of articles regarding problems, but I am looking for success stories to help me choose a

If anyone has had success with certain models (analog only) I would appreciate a response.

Thanks in advance.


I am using Grandstream GXW 4004 (with 4 FXS lines) and GXW 4104 (with 4 FXO lines) to my full satisfaction. I needed them because these equipment are not in the same location than the Asterisk server.

Quality of sound is good and configuration went smoothly.

Hope this helps,


Stay AWAY from the Audicodes-MP11x series. Actual box maybe good, but their support is NON existent. Take a look at Quintum gateways. They have great failover capabilites for remote offices. Don’t know what configuration is like.


I suggest the Quintum gateways or the Adtran Total Access 924 series of gateways… both have great support and are rock solid units.

the FXO / FXS ports on the quintums are daughterboards in the case so in the event of port failure it would not be ncessary to replace the whole unit, just the port card.

Adtran TA924 would be an overkill. Even the TA908 (which is 8 FXS ports) would be an overkill.