Remote peer retry register

Hi guys, first topic here,
I have a question about sip flow between Asterisk 1.8.15-cert2 on a public IP and remote peer.
¿Why this remote peer trying to register several times even after receiving 200 OK?
Here the flow:

on local environment the flow is correct

peer asterisk
-> register->
<- 401 <-
-> register ->
<- ok <-

¿? Someone can clarify the reason for this behavior in remote?

Mmmm… Can be caused by latency??

This is an issue with the device, rather than Asterisk, but as it is restarting without credentials, I’d suggest it simply has a very short re-registration interval.

Hi david55, thanks for your help, I try with another device ( Yealink T20P) and I set this parameters in phone:
Login Expire(seconds) : 3600
UDP Keep-alive Interval(seconds) :3600
SIP Registration Retry Timer(Scope:0~1800)(seconds) :1800

So I have the same behavior: multiple registrations on remote and only one in local on 10-20 seconds of analisys:

Remote .cap:

Local .cap:

So… what can it be??

This is the peer configuration, maybe it helps :confused:

type = peer
defaultuser= yealink
fullname = Yealink
secret = *****
transfer = yes
host = dynamic
callgroup = 1
context = zupercontext
pickupgroup = 1
disallow = all
allow = ulaw,alaw,g729,gsm