Sip reregister possible typo in code

Im using DSL if U lose the connection, and sip cant register out to the providers. the system is saying it will wait 20000 secs before attempting again… did we mean to wait that long… see log below… I looked thru channel sip.c and could not find a reference to 20000 seconds… found some for 2000 but not that long!!! is this a config issue in sip.conf or in the sip code?

Jul 1 07:54:29 WARNING[4174] chan_sip.c: No such host:
Jul 1 07:54:29 WARNING[4174] chan_sip.c: Propably a DNS error for registration
to, trying REGISTER again (after 20000 seconds)

That sure seems like a long time to wait for network reconnect… IAX comes right back up and reregisters when the network is avail again. if the network is back up before the reg interval… outbound registrations stay intact such as to broadvoice where the rereg time is 3000 or so secs. all the others I use are 105 if someone could point me in the dir to make that retry a tad smaller I would appreciate it.

thanks for the help

Found it in the chan.c code… multiplys global_reg_timout by 1000 reduced it to 10… but after reg dies and says failed, it wont reregister after the network comes back up on sip… works fine in iax though…

if U do a sip reload, the system reregisters but wont do it on its own.

This may be related to above bug.