[?] Multiple SIP registrations wrecking havoc on *

On * TRUNK and 1.2.*, I’ve noticed (in the last two days) that Asterisk becomes unresponsive (via SIP) when attempting to register to several SIP servers simultaneously. Internal phones aren’t able to register, and SIP server registrations timeout. I’ve reproduced this several times since yesterday.

The remedy is to limit the number of SIP registrations, which is unacceptable. IAX appears to function as normal.

Is anyone else experiencing this? I’ve been troubleshooting everything under the sun to eliminate potential issues, and come up empty everytime. The last thing I’m going to try is using different DNS servers, although this shouldn’t make a difference in Asterisk’s ability to register to multiple SIP servers.

I have experienced the same thing when DNS servers are unavailable or slow. Try a different DNS server or run bind on the box. Are you using SRV lookups?

i have seen a very similar problem. My * was getting register timeouts when I have more than 3 register=> connections in sip.conf, as I can see from the log its trying to register one at a time.

at the end I had to increase my “registertimeout” in sip.conf