Registration of SIP phone timing out


We are receiving the following error message on SIP phones that have been registered to our Asterisk server. The phones themselves are actually reporting as registered and are working (making and receiving calls OK). However, the following error message is constantly being thrown up at the console and is creating excessively large ‘messages’ log files:

[Jan 20 08:52:40] NOTICE[7998]: chan_sip.c:9227 sip_reg_timeout: – Registration for ‘5000@dynamic’ timed out, trying again (Attempt #3531)
[Jan 20 08:52:40] WARNING[7998]: chan_sip.c:4181 create_addr: No such host: dynamic
[Jan 20 08:52:40] WARNING[7998]: chan_sip.c:9320 transmit_register: Probably a DNS error for registration to 5000@dynamic, trying REGISTER again (after 20 seconds)

Could you please advise how to stop this error

Thank you

you are trying to register to some dns name that doe not exist something like

register => 5000:password@dynamic

you should remove the line in sip.conf

Thanks - that appears to have sorted it