Instability on Asterisk

Hi guys,

I have an asterisk box with sip 20 internal extensions and 100 lines registered on a external voip provider.

For most part of time, it work fine, but in few moments it act ignoring sip packets becouse my ip phones can’t register in asterisk and asterisk can’t register his 100 lines in external voip provider.

I have log’s only for external registration error:

[Apr 16 07:14:18] NOTICE[2851] chan_sip.c: – Registration for '’ timed out, trying again (Attempt #36)
[Apr 16 07:14:18] NOTICE[2851] chan_sip.c: – Registration for '’ timed out, trying again (Attempt #36)
[Apr 16 07:14:19] NOTICE[2851] chan_sip.c: – Registration for '’ timed out, trying again (Attempt #36)

Sniffing netowork i saw register packets arriving from ip phones, but asterisk didn’t send response to it, and for external registry i saw register sended to sip provider, 401 response from sip provider and asterisk didn’t start sip digest challenger, it was send a register message again without authentication header.

Network connectivity for asterisk was ok during this problem moments.

My asterisk is 1.4.2 with FC6

What can be wrong ?



OK check your dns when you have this issue is your DNS server responding???
Some find that installing DNS locally solves those issues, folks have reports when there Inet or DNS servers where down the internet phones where do as well.

I did some lite test over the weekend on install bind / dhcp on the asterisk box and setting it up as the dhcp / dns server, I set bind to only respond for local and to forward all traffic to the ISP dns server.

I can remove the cable between the router and switch the Asterisk lab is on and the phones work if I stop the local DNS server the phones drop off.

So I reckon maybe there is a need for a local DNS.

Now note I myself have never seen this issue until I was ask to look into it, and I had to create the lab to recreate the error.

On my local lan it matters not if I have inet access my SIP phones still work and I do not have a local DNS server (but my router is not some cheap home router)

sounds like the dns issue. try changing all your SIP and IAX registrations from dns names to fixed ip addresses. this bypasses the dns problem. i’ve seen somebody mention a configuration option that limits the number of registration attempts. apparently this can resolve the problem also.

i’ve noticed that when my SIP phones died due to the dns problem my IAX extensions continued working.