Registering mitel 5220

Somebody know how to register the mitel 5220 ipphone with asterisk@home v8?

Thanks i’m working in this

On a related note, does anyone know if any other “models” of the Mitel 5220/5215 work with SIP?

I have a few loaners (models 5220/50002818 and 5215/50002817) that I was attempting to use, but no manner of button holding or re-booting would get it to the SIP protocol.

I’m guessing I’m out of luck with those, but if someone knows different (or a way to upgrade firmware) I’m all ears.

Mitel has a SIP phone web page with links to download SIP software:

In order to work as a SIP phone the must say “Dual Mode” on the label on the bottom of the phone.

I have all of my Mitel Dual Mode sets working beautifully with Asterisk. the last post is correct the phone must be a Dual-Mode phone, and there were versions of the same phone that were not dual mode, example: 5215 and 5215 dual mode. these phones also are to support SLA in their latest firmware although I havent attempted to play with it yet. Also you can log into the WEB Gui on these phones and they can be upgraded to the latest firmware free of charge from mitel as long as the phone has access to the Outside Internet, or you can download the firmware and TFTP it to the phone.

By the way. If anyone wants any Dual-Mode 5215 or 5220 phones I have some from a “failed” Mitel phone system implementation.
I have to say, they provide excellent quality and beat most other phones that I have tried.

im always interested in Mitel Dual Mode phones. what “failed” with the Mitel implementation? Ive installed 100 or More mitel IP systems in all shapes, sizes and configurations and other than being raped for licensing costs they have been pretty solid.

The Mitel failure is a very long story and basically revolves around a customer who didn’t specify their system properly and a supplier who didn’t design it properly! There were lots of things basically. One classic was that when the phone system was down the Mitel phones just kept rebooting (A design feature apparently). This would not have mattered had PCs not been connected through the phones. This means that when you loose your phone switch for whatever reason you loose your PC network as well. A double wammy!!
There were also a lot of problems implementing Call Centre features and again it was down to bad original design. The supplier came in and looked at the existing call centre using Ericsson CCA and then forgot to quote the system with Mitel’s YourAssistant which left the customer with a large unbudgetted bill for additional software which should have been included in the original specification.
I could go on but life is just too short.

the phone reboot is one HUGE issue in my book… I have run into the same issue when I did system updates for a customer where when I rebooted the phone system… of course upgrades on the 200ICP take a while to complete and it caused all the phones to reboot knocking their PC’s off the domain… Not good…

so back to the phones… what are you seeling them for costwise? I’d Like a couple more for my home phone system if they are reasonable.

Whatever you do, make sure that if you upgrade the flash that you do it in steps. For example, if you upgrade from version 1.0 to ver 6.0 you basically taost your phone. We did this for 15 5220s. Other then that, once the rom was upgraded, working with SIP was a breeze.

Be warned

yeah ive been playing the mitel game since the days of the 200 Light… and even now I work on 200D’s and everything else… always upgrade mitels in steps… otherwise corruption will occur… seems to be the mitel way with everything