Mitel 5215

Hello all,

I know this probably is not the best place to post this but i have a problem with some mitel 5215 phones. I read the documentation online of how to configure them to work with sip. I got the firmware also. But it just does not seem right. There is supposed to be a web gui on the phone and the 5215 does not have a web gui!. I typed in the ip address in the address line and nothing happens. DO i have a different version of the 5215 or am i doing something wrong? also i was able to get into the ip setup on the phone and pointed the TFTP server to my computer but it does not like the firmware that i downloaded it only looks for ipp510.bin. If i rename the firmware files to the files that it is looking for the phone says " WRONG FW " Please help!..



OK the 5215 is avalible in Dual Boot (realy treble) version that will boot into SIP mode. When in sip mode it has a web gui. To change the phone mode remove the power, press and hold both the * and 7 keys, re-insert the power calbe while holding the keys and wait until the phone says CHANGE CONFIRMED.

The majority of sets wil not be sip compatible you need ones that are

have the numbers 50003790 and 56005585 on them.

They do work fine with Asterisk.


mine ends with 4354 i hold down * and 7 and a message comes on the phone says " Must hold key 3 seconds rebooting " am i screwed?

Is that the number starting 5000xxxx along the top of the serial number label ?

If it is you are as you say “screwed”

Shame they work well


yeah thats it.


Bad luck, If you are in the UK i can sell you one !! otherwise get an Aastra