Mitel 5360

I have a customer who’s tired of taking out a 2nd mortgage to add users to his Mitel system, so he’s switching to Asterisk, I’ve figured out the Mitel 5330, but am struggling with the owner’s 5360, I could set the phone to SIP mode, but I get a message “SIP Not available. Install Newer Load” on the phone, it’s running “Main Ver”. Their old Mitel dealer is not much help, when I asked him for the latest firmware, he says “it’ll download from the 3300 if it’s available”.

Does anybody have a new/current firmware or know where I can get it from for the 5360?

Also about the buttons on this 5360, since it’s a touch screen phone, do I need HTML code on the TFTP server to drive the screen?

Would really appreciate any assistance on this, thanks.

Did you ever figure out a solution for using Mitel 5360 + Asterisk? I am in a similar situation albeit with a smaller customer.

bridges86406 (on this forum) pointed me at a MCD with the software… point your phones at this server for HTTP upgrade