Mitel 5320 IP Phone

Wondering if anyone out there can help. I have been given 2 of these phones and was seeing if i can can get them working on my Asterisk PBX. I have a 5312 that works fine. Any help or suggestions (however serious they may be) will be welcome. :smiley:

Your post doesn’t state, what exactly, you need help with on these phones. I currently have 3 of these deployed in my house working via SIP. Along with a Mitel 5610, 5340’s, and a 5360. What do you need to know?

Many thanks for the reply. Iam sorry i missed out the whole point. My problem seems to be a lack of being able to access the phones via a web interface. Iam asked for a login and FTP site address. Also i have changed the setting via the screen menu to SIP. But now iam at a loss. Any help would be appreciated.

Here is the default:
User: 5320
Pass: 5320


User: admin
Pass: 5320

If neither of those work you must reset the phone to factory.

Mitel SIP Phone

Please select and download your language.

Choose you language

Enter your TFTP Server IP address

This is what i get when i try the IP address of the phones in my browser.

I have reset back to defaults and i can get in to phone setting via the phone screen using admin as the password, but it wont let me change the settings. Its like the amend function is disabled. Tried this on two 5320’s now. Its so frustrating.


Still no further forward…read something about “Asterisk and Mitel 5340 myth Demystified” Now im completely lost. I guess they are doomed for the trash. :open_mouth: