Register to voip provider


I have installed asterisknow and i have problems to register my sip account…

on asterisk 1.2 the registration string looks like this…

So does anyone know how to get this to work on asterisk 1.4?



in asterisk 1.2 its
register =>

in asterisk 1.4 its

disallow = all
allow = ulaw,alaw
callerid = “0123456”
contact =
context = DID_trunk_1
dialformat = ${EXTEN:1}
fromdomain = myhost
fromuser = phonenumber
group =
hasexten = no
hasiax = no
hassip = yes
host =
insecure = very
port = 5060
provider =
registeriax = no
registersip = yes
secret = imtosexyformyasterisk
trunkname = custom trunk
trunkstyle = customvoip
username = username

so you can see that it has changed a bit sins 1.2…

So does anyone know how to register my bloody sip account against my sip provider?
all i get is “wrong password for user xxxxx”

try using your ext. number of phone number as per your provider in the following manner. Ext. being an extension or number provided to you.