Problem with register=> with local extensions

Hi to the community of asterisk, i’m a newbie for the asterisk. I installed it on an open-wrt
router and it runs fine.
Version: Asterisk
I have an issue, when i put line command for incoming calls in my sip.conf:

register => user:@mysipprovider/user

My extensions can’t register never, but when i quit this line i can register and make
outbound calls. I am looking solution in google but no luck with my problem.

I have running the asterisk very well, with three extensions, one for home telephones and two for
sip android softphones (csipsimple).

I don’t know what i’m doing wrong, any help will be appreciated.


I am doing tests with register line only but seems, always is unregistered in the status log. N 3205146056 120 Unregistered

I’m stucked with that for finish my little project for home :smile:

;----------------------------------------- OUTBOUND SIP REGISTRATIONS ------------------------
; Asterisk can register as a SIP user agent to a SIP proxy (provider)
; Format for the register statement is:
; register => [peer?][transport://]user[@domain][:secret[]]@host[:port][/extension][~expiry]

Example :

It was a dnsresolv problem now with ipaddress it works. :smiley: