Can't register SIP Provider

Hello, I received the following data from my SIP Provider:

Telephone number: Let’s call it 59521xxxxxxx
Password: Lest say: 123456

The provider documentation only shows how to setup an account with a softphone ( … eas_ip.pdf)

Im trying to do the same thing with my asterisk server, so far without any luck.

Here’s my sip.conf:


srv-homeCLI> sip show registry
Host dnsmgr Username Refresh State Reg.Time
0 SIP registrations.

Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance!

You need the line register => youraccount:yourpass@yourprovider/yourdid in order to register.

Firstly if they only give softphone details and not Asterisk ones, find a better ITSP as your current one is not set up for PABX use and you are likely to have further problems.

In addition to the register line, I would suggest:

Change type to peer; it is more secure and causes less confusion.

Delete callerid; it applies in the incoming direction.

Set insecure to invite (it would be unusual for your ITSP to use your password towards you).

Delete nat; it doesn’t apply to outgoing NAT.

Delete realm; it can only be in the general section and relates to incoming authentication - your ITSP is not going to do that.

username should not have the “@” or anything that follows it.

I don’t believe proxy is needed. (If it really were, you would probably need
an authentication section - which is where your proxy value would go).

Delete regseconds; it doesn’t seem to be a valid configuration option, and, in any case, the ITSP can sest a value if it really wants one setting…

Be prepared to remove qualify.

Specify the codecs you actually use, not all. You will need a deny first.