Reg .Voice breaking

Hi ,

I have asterisk with tdm2400, it works fine. I used to have very peculiar and strange issues. it works fine, sometime in the middle of the conversation, the voice breaks for 2-4 min. after that it behaves as normal.

I have the asterisk with fxo trunck lines (TDM2400) in remote location and i have configured in Audiocodes MP108. I suspected, the bandwidth may be a issue, so i checkd the bandwidth logs, for the particular instant. it is quite normal.

i am unable to track and figure out the issues. It will be very much helpfull, if anyone can help me to fix the issues.

Thanks in advance, … noise.html

start there.


The Above link is not working it seems.

asteriskguru isn’t the most reliable site - i’d try it again later in the day.

ok,is there anyway to track issues in logs, to find out the issue (cause) or such symptoms.

thanks in advance