Reg. astetrisk addons

Hi there,

i use asterisk 1.2. it is working fine. i thought of configuring the cdr. so i compiled the asterisk-addons and installed it. installed the mysql server in the same machine adn creatd the cdr dtabase after that i thought of finding the cdr_mysql.conf in the /etc/asterisk… i am not able to locate. but i am able to get…


Can any one tell me , how do i get cdr_mysql.conf?

Thanks in advance

also in the cli , it is showing the “Mar 4 20:07:46 WARNING[5767]: cdr_addon_mysql.c:294 my_load_module: Unable to load config for mysql CDR’s: cdr_mysql.conf”

Any help may be appreciated?


My self created a file called cdr_mysql.conf and configured and started working fine.