Cdr mysql

hi, i am currently trying to push the cdr logs into a mysql database.

i tried the 2 possible solutions using odbc and the mysql addon.
for the odbc, i think asterisk was not properly compile as the file was not found on the system.

i couldn’t not find the cdr_mysql.conf file and was wondering was it becuase the addon was not properly compile?

Can someone please link a step by step instruction to install the mysql addon or to recompile asterisk with

the machine does have mysql installed and properly tested.

the machine itself host debian on a sun sparc machine

This is what I did:

  1. installed astrisk add-ons
  2. created a database in mysql for the cdr
  3. configured cdr_mysql.conf with the corresponding values for my sql server
  4. modified modules.conf to include “load =>”

That should do it for you.