I know this topic has been beat to death, but I’m having a problem. We have been using MySQL CDR in version 1.2 for 2 years. Just built a 1.4 box and can’t seem to get it running.

When I run make menuselect in the addons directory, the entry for cdr_addon_mysql has XXX on it and cannot be selected. I have previously installed MySQL client, server, and devel version 5.0.45 using RPM.

Any help would be appreciated.

The addons configure program is looking for mysqlclient config files. I’m not even sure they were installed - I installed MySQL client, server, and development using RPM. Any suggestions?

I had this issue in the past. I think I needed to install the dev package as well. Also if you installed MySQL after running the configure/makemenuselect script you will need to run make clean and start again from the configure script. It should then see that you have MySQL on there.

That was it. I could have sworn I had previously installed the dev package. Oh well - there’s a big DOH!


It happens to the best of us. I once went nuts when asterisk went crazy trying to play MOH. It was looking for files that did not exist. Turns out asterisk-addons was not installed (I was fixing some one else’s mess). I should have looked there first but I assumed (and this was the big mistake) that the other guy had enough brains to install the add-ons.