Recording voice conversations

Hoping someone can help, I am very new to Asterisk and stuck with this issue. Customer is recording all voice conversations inbound and outbound. Works fine till they have to park call, when another extension picks up the call the voice recording no longer is happening. I thought doing a *1 when picking up the parked call would start the recording again but that didn’t work. Can anyone tell me why the recording stops when a call is parked and if there is a way to fix this, secondly any thing I might look for to fix the *1 not working either.
Thanks for helping out a novice.

Cheers, Ron.

I have the same issue – so far the only workaround I’ve come up with is to put the caller into a dynamic meetme conference instead of parking. Then on the other end, join the conference instead of unparking, and use the record-conference features to record the conference. This works, BUT, when the staff member who “unparked” (ie joined the conference) hangs up ,the caller is still in the conference and the conference is still being recorded, so you’ll get MOH until the caller twigs to it and hangs up.

This is acceptable for the custom application I’m developing - kind of a pain if you’re using a “cooked” version of Asterisk and not the underlying system.

If I can find a fix in res_features.c I’ll post that here.

[ an hour later…]
P.S. - I have it working well with Meetme. Incoming call is put into the conference, using an AGI program to generate the unique conference ID and create a call file that passes that ID to the ring group of agents who take these calls. Agent answers, is placed into the same conference, with the ‘r’ flag to record it. When the agent hangs up, the caller is disconnected silently.

Caller options: dqM1wx
Agent options: qrA

I haven’t tried this, I am makig this up but…

You could create an extension which starts a recording then dials the park extension where the call is parked. That would give you a second file, so you could run a script on hangup to stich the two recordings together, or you could just live with two recordings.

Just a thought.