Record function is not creating a sound file

Just like in the subject.
There’s no warning or error in my Asterisk console, so I have no clue how to deal with it.
If I’ll do something like that:
exten => 100, 1, Record(/tmp/sound/file:gsm)
It will just create an empty folder “sound” in “tmp” folder.
Any ideas?

Typo ? [quote]file:gsm[/quote]
If Your Asterisk-version is not prior 2004 this should be file.gsm.

It didn’t change anything.

Try the Monitor() command:

Yeah, Monitor() works for me :smiley:! Thanks!
But quality of sound is pretty bad (like in the normal call and I need a pure voice like this from Asterisk voice messages), is there any way to make it better?

Use a less aggressive codec all the way through. Telephone systems are not designed for good audio, and increasingly are not designed to handle anything but human voices. If you are already using G.711 all the way, it is unlikely that you will get any improvement.

Telephone systems are designed to transmit recognisable speech using the minimum of bandwidth.