Cannot find File Path for Record Command output

Hi, i cannot find File Path for outputted sound files resulting from the Record Command. I see on Voip-Info that it is supposed to be /var/lib/asterisk/sounds but i am not seeing it there. I may not even be doing it right (i’m new). I tried to specify a different path, but that did not work as well. I DO hear the beep at the beginning of the call, but i have no clue where it is putting them, whether i specify the path or not. I am using Fedora 10 x86_64, and here is a snippet of my dialplan:

exten => Vector,1,Answer()
exten => Vector,n,Playback(transfer)
exten => Vector,n,Record(/Multimedia-3/TEMP/Vector-%d:ulaw)
exten => Vector,n,Dial(SIP/Vector,66,m)


I am not sure you can have %d in there. Try it with out and see what happens. Also enable full logging in logger.conf and see if there are any errors in /var/log/asterisk/full.

HA, Thanks for the tip! It turned out to be a permission issue. Well, i did note that it DOES allow the %d, but that it does NOT allow you to record while talking.

The reason that i wanted to use the Record command was because i had read that it can also record the video to disk. Monitor does not do this afaik. So, is there a way to record audio and video WHILE talking? (I can mux them myself later).

Also, with the Monitor command, it does not allow you to specify a file path in the extensions.conf afaik; so is there a way to explicitly set where you want the recorded file to go?

Thanx again


That is actually where i came across the documentation at first :smiley:. I see in your post how to set the file path; thanks for that. So is it safe to still assume that you cannot record a conversation with Record, and it only records while not in conversation mode?

Correct. Record is made to record files and not for conversations. You can look at monitor and mixmonitor. You can always create a bounty :wink:

I am using monitor now, but it does not capture video. What is a bounty?