Adding Pre-Recorded Voice Menu to System

I purchased a custom Voice Menu from digium, which is great, but now how do I put it into then system?

Do I just copy the .gsm file to var/lib/asterisk/sounds/ ?

Yes ur correct u shud store this files in var/lib/asterisk/sounds
so you can easy use that file for palyback menu or what u want.
Also if you want to store in seprate directory
then its like- var/lib/asterisk/sounds/play
then in playback menu u shud mention sa–101,1,Playback(play/welcome.gsm)
that way u need to do.



I can see how to use the sound files in /var/lib/asterisk/sounds but when I record a message using the Record a Menu option I can’t find the files. Go to the add a voice menu, create new step, Playback. scroll through all the files (obviously the list of .gsm files in /sounds and nothing new is there. e.g. record a sound file called aaa, appears to result in aaa.gsm being created. When I look in …/sounds (e.g. ls or find), its not there. Try a whereis aaa.gsm or whereis aaa but nothing is found. Is this a bug or am I just misuderstanding.

At the moment I’m trying to find something else to record a gsm file and will use ftp from the asterisk box to get it. A bit frustrating but should work.

Any help much appreciated. Steve

i think the way ur described ur problem is not any serious bug or issue. Any recorded or Monitored file store in

so plz cross check that recorded file in that Monitor directory/


Thanks. I just checked, but that directory ( /var/spool/asterisk/monitor ) appears to be empty.

What I have found is that the recorded messages are at the bottom of the list of asterisk pre-recorded sounds under Recorded Voicemenus.

I’d still like to find out where the files are though or does it do something clever like embed the recording as part of an existing sound file.