Record outgoing phonecalls?

I’m working on an app that calls people, plays a message (with questions) and records the users answers along with the questions in one sound file. Don’t worry - not a telemarketer, just a student working on a project. I’ve got asterisk calling out and playing the message, but it doesn’t seem to be recording.

this is the code that i have in my extension.conf

[jenny_1] exten => 1,1,Playback(matt) exten => 1,2,Record(/var/lib/asterisk/sounds/jennyrecord.gsm,10,30)

am i doing something wrong with the record function?
Thanks in advance for your help.

i am isuing in this way:
exten => 1,1 ,record(/tmp/test:wav)

interesting solution. I don’t have the answer of your question but I just wonder how do you make the configuration for this ?
I understand that you add the given lines to exten.conf but what aout starting the call ?
when ? on which condtion ?

I have the context being called from a .call file.

I can get recording to occur on its own with the code below:

[quote=“meral82”]i am isuing in this way:
exten => 1,1 ,record(/tmp/test:wav)[/quote]

However, I’d like to record simultaneously with playback of a prerecorded message. I tried using Background() instead of Playback() but it didn’t work. It seems like i can’t have two applications, in this case Background()/Playback() and Record(), running at the same time. Does anyone have any ideas how i can achieve this?


I would think you’d need to give a break in the playback for the recoding to take place. split the questions into separate files, and playback(), record(),playback(), record() etc… ?

Actually, I found a function called “monitor” which does the trick perfectly!

how do you use it ?

here’s the documentation i found: … md+monitor

at the beginning of our dialout macros (one for local, one for LD):


the first line simply sets the filename to reflect what type of call it was, who made it, who was called, and the time.

the second line initiates the monitor app, which records in wav format and mixes the inbound and outbound legs of the call together when done.

there is also a new app called mixmonitor, but i’ve read reports of it not being completely stable as of yet.

good luck!