Record ALL calls going to just one phone via newest version

Hi, currently we record all calls that get placed in a queue; but what I would like to do is monitor all incoming and outgoing calls that would be sent to a certain phone(not apart of the queue). Is there a way to do this? I know I could monitor all calls dial’d to that extension, but that doesn’t solve my problem if they make a call going out.

Are you asking about Switchvox?

I’m not even entirely sure what switchvox is, all I want to do is monitor all calls coming to and from one specific phone. What I’m asking basically is for a way to record all calls made from this extension and to this extension. We use MixMonitoring to record all calls that enter our queue

Malcolm is guessing that you are not using bare Asterisk, and something about the terminology you are using makes him think Switchvox (a Digium product that doesn’t expose that it is based on Asterisk), rather than say FreePBX (where the Asterisk origins are visible, but one needs to take into account the FreePBX software when customising it). Neither are supported on this forum.

If you are using bare Asterisk, you can use a context for those phones, which enables recording, then jumps to a context that does call routing for all local callers, or, at least in some cases, you could set a channel variable in the device entry in the relevant channel driver configuration file, and test it in a subroutine that is used to do all the dialing.